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When you retain Alpha as your outsourced risk manager you receive risk and insurance expertise from an independent source.  Our objective approach in analyzing your needs results in findings in plain English.

Our report will clearly specify achievable goals awaiting your authorization to proceed to deliver them.

Over the years Alpha, in its role as a trusted unbiased advisor, has educated our clients to understand that standard insurance company policy forms work to the detriment of insureds.

One of our functions therefore, is to design programs which provide the broadest policy provisions, most of which are available at no additional cost.  And then to oversee the broker’s efforts to achieve the coverages as specified.

Why Alpha Risk Management?

We work cooperatively with your broker to achieve goals on your behalf.

We have experience.

Decades of hands on experience has enabled us to provide solutions for specific exposure risks.

We drill deep.

Apha Risk in not a “checklist” firm.  We ensure that our client, the bank, is fully protected.

Our Services

Our client services are divided into a distinct but intertwined suite of risk management and insurance advisory capabilities.

Outsourced Risk Management Division

Alpha takes a multi-pronged approach to painting a complete picture of your organization and operations.

We would begin by interviewing your top management and proceed down the line to the next level of management.

If you are a corporation we would look at your Board of Directors minutes to broaden our perspective. We would also study your Policy, Procedure and Employee Manuals to firm up our approach as risk managers.  read more

Real Estate Finance Division

Alpha has passed the $100-billion mark in 2016 in assisting lenders, banks, private equity funds, pension plans in the review and structuring of insurance for their acquisition and construction financing.

Alpha Risk Management, Inc. reviews the risk management aspects of a project to be financed, assists with incorporating the insurance requirements into the loan agreement, provides insurance coverage verification, and documentation of coverage through the preparation of an insurance closing package.  read more

Construction Division

Insurance requirements for ground-up development are significantly broader than for completed real estate.

From a liability point of view it is essential that all parties involved obtain appropriate insurance to protect the owner.

The scope, therefore, has to include the general contractor, construction manager if applicable, and all the trades.  read more

Litigation Support

Senior Alpha Management has assisted several clients (insureds) in pursuing litigation for their insurance claims.

We have acted:

In the capacity of conducting research and providing written opinions to counsel in order to buttress insureds’ positions

As an expert witness in deposition proceedings with similar goals

Both activities garnered favorable results in almost every case on behalf of clients.

As a matter of policy, Alpha does not represent insurers nor insurance brokers.

Our services allow clients to focus on
growing and managing their businesses.
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