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If you are the owner, developer, or general contractor on a large construction project, you have probably noticed that in addition to premium increases, coverage is becoming more restrictive and the application and quote process is much more involved. This newsletter addresses what to possibly expect and watch for.
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The insurance industry is known to run in cycles – a "hard market" characterized by high rates, restricted coverages, lower sub-limits and overall limits mandated by a diminution in capacity; and a "soft market” reflecting the opposite conditions in every respect.
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Notwithstanding dire warnings in the business press some are still not taking seriously the current insurance crisis.  There are those who feel it will be short-lived and will thus pass soon.  Since primary insurers retain only small portions of each risk, they are dependent upon reinsurers to hedge their bets. More >>>      (PDF)
When asbestosis was added to the lexicon of the insurance industry, several questions came up: More >>>     (PDF)




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